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“On behalf of the Plumbers and Fitters UA Local 675, I am pleased to endorse Traci K. Toguchi for City Council District 6. Local 675 has been a property owner and constituent in the Downtown Chinatown area for decades and we witness daily, the devastating impacts that homelessness and increasing crime has on our community and our businesses.

Working in Councilwoman Fukunagaʻs office, Traci is intimately involved with the community and truly understands our needs and concerns. Traciʻs extensive experience in the city and state government will allow her to hit the ground running and gives her the tools to tackle the hard issues immediately. We need someone we can trust... we need someone like Traci Toguchi for City Council District 6.”

Valentino B. Ceria
Business Representative / Secretary Treasurer
Plumbers and Fitters UA Local 675

Traci K Toguchi with Local 675 
"I am humbled and incredibly grateful to the Plumbers and Fitters United Association Local 675 for their support! Thank you so much to Business Representative / Secretary Treasurer Valentino Ceria, President Matt Brady, Government and Community Relations Director Kika Bukowski and its members. Local 675 members are valued plumber, refrigeration and air conditioning, and pipefitter/steamfitter welder apprentices. Apprenticeships and trainings are located in Pearl City and Iwilei (the latter location will be in Honolulu City Council District VI due to the reapportionment), and feature state of the art equipment for plumbing, pipefitting, refrigeration, air conditioning, fire sprinkler systems, and welding." Traci K Toguchi